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Your Perfect Chance To Go

Let me introduce you to the delightful cast of characters that make up the Perfect Places to Play world. We embark on this journey with the early reader picture book, I Go. By partnering with us, you can be among the first to get your hands on a signed, first edition hardcover. Let the goodness and wide-eyed wonder begin.
A bunch of animal characters walking, running, skipping and humming. And even hunting, hide and seek.
Book cover for I Go children's book

The Story

I Go is a story that follows a charming cast throughout their day of play. Animated characters prance and pounce. Whimsical verse trots out a rolicing rhythm, inviting readers to discover the various ways one can go. 

Author/illustrator, Graham Lewis Fleming, is a character artist and the father of four children. His passion to inspire more beauty and wonder, drove Graham to create The Perfect Places to Play series. The picture book, I Go, initiates that journey with a playful game of hide-and-seek across the island from sunrise to sunset. A delightful cast dashes off to hide. What they find however is—the treasure of one another. This simple story aims to inspire a love of language in early readers, delight parents, and cultivate goodness.

Graham Lewis Fleming is a founder of All Nations Art Community in Tokyo, Japan. Graham has been designing and illustrating children’s materials for 20 years. His first published book Ricky’s Rainbow was used for trauma care in Japan after the 2011 disaster. Graham hopes all his stories and illustrations will inspire children to grow through play. When he is not wandering through lands of imagination he is playing with his four children—who provide more than enough inspiration to keep him “going”.

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My passion is to convey simple goodness in ways
that cultivate a more beautiful community.

—Graham Lewis Fleming

rabbit giving a wink

The Book

If you want to be among the first to hold a signed hardcopy, and other rewards—sign up today! We are honored to have you partner with us to release  simple goodness for generations to come.


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Let's Go!

We value building community, so we value your partnership immensely. Please join us, and you'll be first in the know. 

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